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People enjoy reading information that is useful, interesting and relevant to them. Blog posts and articles that are optimised for search engines to rank highly, as well as being appealing to human site visitors, are extremely useful content tools to grow your business. They demonstrate your authority on a topic and increase your credibility. They grow your customer base, create leads and convert interested readers into buyers or followers who are open to buying at a later date.

SEO optimised articles and blogs are also an effective way to boost your website ranking, bringing more visitors to your site.


  • Articles target your readers' interests and help them learn about new topics, products and ideas

  • Find out what your potential customers enjoy reading about and put your business right under their noses

  • Blogs tell your customers who you are and why they should choose to work with you or buy from you


Obvious sales writing can be a turn-off for many people. Blogging lets you blow your own trumpet in a way that keeps your audience reading and coming back to you.

If your business needs a freelance blogger or someone who can write articles about your industry, I can help.



Direct response copywriting is about persuading readers to take a predetermined action. It works quickly and provides measurable results.

This type of targeted marketing requires specific wording, triggers and compelling call-to-actions in order to get the maximum ROI.

Whether you're using social media, traditional mail, sales funnels or email campaigns - good copy delivers whereas mistakes can be costly both in time and money.

Talk to me about my direct response copywriting and find out how I can help you grow your business.




Your website is often the first chance you have to make an impression on your customers. Sadly, poor and ineffective copy sometimes means it's your last chance too.

I write web pages that get results. Whether you need to build your following, sell a product or service or create new leads, I write website copy to get you more customers and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an art in itself. All my website pages are written to both rank well with search engines and appeal to human readers.

Let's talk about Your Website



Whether your product content needs to be lengthly or you need to make an impact with just a few words, it's vital that the product descriptions you publish are compelling and persuade your customers to hit the Buy Button.

I'm the author of 'Write Product Descriptions that Sell' (available on Amazon). I've spent years researching the skill and use specialised product description writing methods to sell.

I can work with you to write product content that grabs your customers' attention, outshines your competitors and has your goods flying off the virtual shelves.

Talk to me today to find out how I can energise your sales.





What could be easier than writing a sentence or two to promote your business or sell your product?

Actually, short copy - like adverts, taglines and slogans - is probably the most challenging to write well. Whilst long copy, such web pages, blogs and articles, gives you the scope of hundreds of words to influence a customer; short copy needs to create an immediate impact with very few words.

Adverts, taglines and slogans that are memorable, relevant and persuasive are vital. That's where I can help create a winning marketing campaign.

I work with your brand to get you noticed. If you haven't developed brand style guides, to ensure voice consistency in all your communications, I can help you with that too.



I have an extensive background in training delivery, NVQ assessment and writing training materials.

Training manuals, quick reference guides and e-learning get your workforce up to speed and boost your organisation's growth.

Expertly-written training materials use different learning modalities to make taking on new skills and information easy - whatever the learner's preferred learning method. They use proven methods to make sure your learners understand and retain new knowledge.

Talk to me to find out how a training material developer can work with you to help train your workforce or students.





I easily spot typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and text that could be structured or written better. This is because I spend every day writing, editing and proofreading. Years of experience has given me eyes like an eagle!

Mistakes in your writing are embarrassing! They can also lose you business.

Good editing gives you peace of mind that your written materials aren't let down by errors. Whether you've written a novel, an article, an email or a whole website, I can help.



Do you have a life-story to tell or a novel to write, but you're not sure where to start? Maybe you just haven't got the time? Do you need authoritative content published in your name? Blogs, white papers, business reports, novels, short stories and articles can all be written by a ghostwriter.

It's common practice for copywriters to license writing to their clients. This is sometimes called 'white label copywriting'. You retain the intellectual property and can use and publish the writing in whatever way you choose.

You have the knowledge - I have the writing skills.

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